By placing an order electronically (web order form) you are agreeing to the following terms of service:

A. Terms of Service

1. Please read through these terms of service thoroughly before placing an order for any services from Pingperfect/Pingperfect Hosting. If you have any problems understanding them, open a support ticket.

2. Services are, unless otherwise stated, on a rolling monthly contract and will renew each month until the client cancels the order/contract. Upon cancellation/lapse of payment the service will be listed as suspended/cancelled. Two weeks after this all files will be wiped from our servers.

3. Pingperfect/Pingperfect Hosting will not under ANY circumstances accept liability financial or otherwise for loss of service, loss of earnings, loss of profit, loss of data, or any other incidental damages occurring directly or indirectly due to hardware or software failure of our systems/services, or by following advice and guidance from our staff.

B. Client Acknowledgement

1. As a client of Pingperfect / Pingperfect Hosting you acknowledge that services provided may be disrupted at any time during your service period due to circumstances outside our control. The client acknowledges and agrees that Pingperfect / Pingperfect Hosting will NOT be held liable for ANY damages arising from ANY disruption of service provided by Pingperfect / Pingperfect Hosting.

2. It is the clients sole responsibility to ensure that data is fully backed up externally.

3. The client also acknowledges that any type of slander targeted at the company or employees will result in immediate termination of services without refund.

4. Upon registering you consent to be sent occasional marketing emails and any emails related to your service(s) if you no longer wish to receive emails from us please let us know via support ticket as mentioned in the following, Section C.

5. Under no circumstances (excepting having created a contact/sub user account) should you share login details to your account.

C. Support

1. Support will be provided by tickets using our online support system. The Client acknowledges that Pingperfect / Pingperfect Hosting will only provide support for services Offered. Support tickets can be opened 24/7, our support team will endeavour to answer tickets within 20 minutes, however this time scale cannot be guaranteed or relied upon due to the varying nature of support and conditions outside of our control.

2. Staff may be able to help with third party software but the company offers no guarantees. Further support should be sought from the creators or developers of the relevant software.

3. No member of staff should be required to feel obliged to deal with any customer who is exhibiting threatening, abusive, aggressive or violent behaviour. In any of these circumstances a member of staff has the right to refuse to serve that customer.

3a. Abusive correspondence, which includes threats, personal abuse (based on age, gender, race, sexuality, disability etc.) and language generally falling into the category of ‘foul and abusive’ in which we include swearing, the customer will be given a warning. Further incidents and Pingperfect Ltd reserves the right to terminate the customer’s service or, in serious cases, refer the incident(s) to the police via the Head of Network Operations.

4. We request that a single ticket is opened for each issue, this is so if you are waiting for an answer on one issue it does not get lost if further issues are discussed in the same ticket.

D. Game Server Rules

As a game server client of Pingperfect / Pingperfect Hosting you agree and acknowledge the following:

1. Advertising of other server providers is strictly prohibited and may result in account suspension/termination of contract.

2. Bandwidth and space provided are for the usage of game server files ONLY.

3. Executable files such as but not limited to .exe and .bat files may NOT be modified/uploaded without explicit permission from a member of staff at Pingperfect Ltd. The updating of server files from legitimate sources is allowed.

4. Bots and other add-ons that may increase CPU usage are NOT allowed without the express permission of Pingperfect.

5. Editing slots on your server WILL result in account and service termination. You will only use the amount of slots you have paid for.

6. Whilst Pingperfect will endeavour to backup all customer game servers so they can be restored up to a week ago, we cannot guarantee that backups will be available. We also do not backup custom content due to space restrictions, It is up to the client to ensure they have sufficient backups of their service externally.

7. Mods installed by Pingperfect (MW3 Server messages etc) Pingperfect will endeavour to update mods on servers as soon as they become available.

7a. We will NOT accept any liability for downtime and offer no guarantees about how long it will take to have any mods updated.

7b. We will offer to set your server back to default files and settings until a new updated mod becomes available, if you wish us to do this you should raise a support ticket.

8. In the case of 3rd party mods, we will endeavour to add any and all mods that clients request however we make no guarantee and if a mod cannot be added no refund will be provided unless the game itself also does not work.

9. Downgrading a service will credit your account pro-rata with the difference between what the server did cost and now costs, credit is subject to the terms stated in Section H.

D. Web Hosting Rules

As a web hosting client of Pingperfect / Hosting you agree and acknowledge the following:

1. The service shall not be used to host material which violates any law or regulation put in place by the country of which the server is located (UK, EU).

2. The service shall not be used for hosting backups, large video files or downloads.

3. The service shall not be used to host copyrighted software / media without explicit permission of the copyright holder.

4. The service shall not be used to host any form of discriminatory or racially abusive content.

5. The service shall not be used to host any adult content that includes but is not limited to nudity / sexual content.

6. The service shall not be used to host or install proxy servers or bots of any kind.

7. The service shall not be used to host or install any information, tools or software related but not limited to scamming, hacking, phishing, phreaking, virii or spam.

8. The service shall not be used to host anything that degrades the performance of any of our servers, this judgement would be made at the discretion of Pingperfect Ltd.

9. Unlimited file hosting is only applicable to files that are directly related to website(s) on the clients account. Pingperfect Ltd reserves the right to revoke and place limitations on users accounts as we see fit.

10. Pingperfect Ltd reserves the right to update our services / prices, giving the client 28 days notice of any changes.

11. Backups of webspace/Databases are the responsibility of the client and Pingperfect Ltd cannot restore any data that may have been lost if you have neglected these.

12. Testing the security of any device, website, server or anything else provided by Pingperfect is strictly forbidden and will result in any service you have with us being terminated with no refund and depending on how the testing was done your details may be passed to the authorities.

F. Domains

1. Domain names are NON REFUNDABLE and cannot be refunded under any circumstances as additionally stated in Section H.

2. Domain names can be transferred to any other provider for a small administration charge.

3. Free domain names with the .pingperfect.com / .pingperfecthosting.com / .pingperfecthost.com suffix remain the property of Pingperfect and at the discretion of Pingperfect Ltd can be withdrawn without prior notice.

4. Nameservers can be freely changed by raising a support ticket as aforementioned in Section C.

5. Any unpaid or overdue payments will result in the relevant domain name becoming the property of Pingperfect Ltd.

G. VDS Rules

1. The service shall not be used to host material which violates any law or regulation put in place by the country of which the server is located (UK, EU, US).

2. The service shall not be used for hosting backups, large video files or downloads.

3. The service shall not be used to host/install any copyrighted software / media to be without express permission by the copyright holder.

4. The service shall not be used to host any form of Adult and/or Racial/Discriminatory content.

5. The service shall not be used to install any Proxy servers or BOTS of any kind.

6. The service shall not be used to host any information, tools or attempts related to hacking, phishing, phreaking, virii or spam to be hosted or installed on our servers.

7. The service shall not be used to host/install anything that degrades the performance of any of our servers

8. The service shall not be used to launch Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against any other server/person/company etc.

9. Any DDoS Attacks and/or intentional stress testing against your server will invalidate our money back guarantee (outlined in Section H) and cause your server to be null routed for a period of no less than 24 hours.

10. Pingperfect Ltd reserves the right to update the services / prices, giving the client 28 days notice of any changes.

H. Refunds

1. All game servers and webhosting come with a 48hr money back guarantee if you are not happy you may cancel for a refund (minus payment gateway processing fees, which are usually 3%+ £0.20). To request a refund you MUST submit a support ticket and continue to actively reply to the ticket.

1a. Failing to respond to staff members in your support ticket for a refund request will invalidate the money back guarantee.

2. Overpayments – if you have for example paid an invoice manually and have a subscription to us the extra will automatically be credited to your account. If you wish to receive a refund to your payment method though there is a 15% fee to cover our expenses, time and fees. We cannot refund subscription payments for more than 3 months.

3. We do not provide pro-rata refunds.

4. Domains & Dedicated Servers are the exception to point 1, they cannot be refunded.

5. With exception to Section H Subsection 2, account credit cannot under any circumstances be refunded.

6. Public pay payments cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

7. Donations are non-refundable, non-transferrable and can only be redeemed by the account holder against Pingperfect services.

8. Any refund is subject to processing fees which are usually 3%+ £0.20 (for example if you request a refund of $100 you will receive $96.80 or thereabouts).

9. Payments made via Paysafe cannot be refunded to the payment source due to how Paysafe works, any refund request will instead be turned into account credit.

I. Fair Usage Policy

1. Pingperfect operates a fair usage policy on CPU/RAM/Disk space where it is not mentioned we provide a specific limitation, the fair usage policy is set out below.

2. CPU, a customer may not use more than 1.5x the amount of CPU the game on average uses.

3. RAM, a customer may not use more than 1.5x the amount of RAM the game on average uses.

4. Disk usage, a customer may not use more than 1.5x the amount of disk space the game on average uses.

5. At our discretion we may apply this policy, we try not to do this unless absolutely necessary.

J. General

1. If any of the above rules are infringed, the clients account/service will be terminated without refund.

2. In addition to the above we reserve the right to ban the use of any applications which we deem unsuitable, or which may degrade the quality of service for other customers.

3. Pingperfect reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time without prior notice or warning E&OE

4. Account Cancellation – All requests for cancelling any service / services must be made online with at least 10 days notice, failure to do so will result in being charged the full month’s invoice. Cancellation can be done by:
Visiting Here and selecting the service / product you with to cancel (button located to the right of product) – Click the request cancellation button.
As per section H point 1, if you are canceling within the first 48 hours you are entitled to a full refund however you must submit a support ticket.

4a. You are responsible for making cancellations to your subscription payments (PayPal). If you are unsure of how to do this, just follow this handy guide:
Log in to your PayPal account.
Click the ‘Settings’ icon at the top of the page.
Under ‘Payment settings’, click Pre-approved payments.
Use the filter to select the seller whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

5. Payments: Clients will be invoiced 7 days in advance of the payment due date. If payment is not received by the due date (midnight) the service will be automatically suspended until payment is received. If the invoice is still not paid after 7 days, a further invoice unpaid notification will be generated and issued. Finally after 14 days of unpaid invoice(s) the clients services will automatically be deleted from our systems, rendering all the clients files irretrievable.

The offer of a free web hosting and Mumble voice server is only applicable when a client orders services worth, £2.50 or more you get a free webhosting account, and both for order of £5 or greater.

6. Group Payments and Add Funds: Payments made using Group Pay are non-refundable and non-transferrable. The account owner may choose to use the payment in anyway they deem fit except in the afformentioned ways. Payments made through Group Pay do not form any contractual relationship between Pingperfect and the payer, nor confer any rights over the service(s) on the account being paid toward. Add Funds are also non refundable

6a. Any credit in your account cannot be refunded unless it was added via a subscription payment you mistakenly did not cancel the PayPal subscription (Section H, point 2)

7. Data such as where you click, what pages you visit and how you act on our website (not personally identifiable) might be collected by us or 3rd parties, such as Smartsupp.com, s.r.o., VAT ID CZ03668681

8. Delivery Policy: As all our goods are non physical no delivery is required, however services should be delivered within 3 hours maximum unless specified

9. Affiliates may only request the last 12 months maximum to be paid, any amount not claimed within 12 months will be sent to account credit.

10. Chargebacks: You agree that you shall not chargeback any credit card payments to Pingperfect and any such chargeback will result in an additional payment to Pingperfect of up to £150 per chargeback which is a reasonable estimate of our additional administrative costs. You are responsible for any fees and costs (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs and collection agency fees) incurred by Pingperfect; in enforcing collection of fees.

11. Changes Pingperfect reserve the right to update, change, amend or otherwise alter any and all documents, webpages, prices, support terms and any other service we provide without warning. In the case of prices we will always endeavour to provide at least 1 months notice.


K. Questions/Contact

1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this agreement – please contact us directly by submitting a ticket HERE.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.